Services and Consulting companies are requested more and more by clients to offer the lowest rates possible.
Relocation companies can’t escape this pressure.
But, how far can they go to reduce the costs?
We know there are a few solutions to reduce the costs of running an organization.
One way to succeed is to appeal to the partners. In the relocation industry this can be an issue, because there are lots of partners involved: movers, banks, house hotels, furniture rental companies…
Some companies ask their partners for a commission, in whichever form, in return of business. At the end of the fiscal year, they will receive an amount allowing them to reduce the costs.
We don’t criticise those companies which ask for a commission from their partners: most companies do so transparently, informing their clients of these charges.
Rather, it is a question of considering the risks for Relocation companies and their clients: How can you be sure that the independence of the Relocation company is preserved over time?
Doesn’t this kind of professional practice run the risk of incurring additional costs for the client and/or the assignee?
We believe that this surplus will not be balanced without increasing the price of the assignment.
To avoid these questions or suspicions, the solution should be to work jointly with partners, without asking for any kind of commission.
The independence of both parties would be preserved and the relationship will be healthier.
To promote companies that operate without commission, Easy Lyon and Management Mobility Consulting have created the ReloQI© Independence Quality.
This is not a commercial initiative as no membership fee is required.
ReloQI© Companies agree not to receive commissions in any form whatsoever.
Therefore, they guarantee their clients and their employees to have complete independence with regards to the partners chosen.
ReloQI© Independence Quality is a guarantee for HR and assignees.
HR Advantage: Partners can give privileged discounts to companies that use the services of a ReloQI © Relocation company member. or the partner can donate an equivalent amount to a charity instead.
Employee Advantage: Employees can benefit from privileged discounts by using the relocation partner’s services offered by ReloQI© Relocation companies.
The reliability of Independence ReloQI© Quality is ensured by a rigorous registration process and by the partners who support ReloQI©.
As a reminder, no membership fee is required: the association operates through a donation system.
ReloQI© remains an example which guarantees transparency and independence. It becomes a tool for relocation companies in order to make themselves known and to guarantee their clients their independence in relation to the partners they work with.